Thailand and Canada Medical Tourism

Thailand boasts one of the most advanced medical tourism programs in Asia, if not the world. Governments throughout Asia have invested resources and money into the ongoing education and training of Thai medical professionals. Many physicians and medical staff receive their training and education in the United States and Europe, and after graduation return to Thailand to launch their practices.

Due to the increasing number of qualified doctors and surgeons as well as an increase in excellent medical facilities, and fact that the cost of medical care in Thailand is only a fraction of that in The United States, Europe or Australia, Thailand has become THE hub for medical tourism in Southeast Asia.
More than just major surgery options, routine treatment programs and cosmetic surgery options are becoming commonplace throughout Thailand. Practices such as cosmetic dentistry, LASIK eye surgery, laser teeth whitening, and even sex reassignment (sex change) surgery are becoming more and more prevalent.

Many of Thailands best hospitals, staffed with overseas educated physicians, cater to the needs and wants of medical tourists who arrive in Thailand solely for medical care. Some of Thailands leading hospitals include the Bangkok International Hospital, BNH Hospital, Bumrungrad Hospital, and Samitivej Hospital. These medical facilities are leaders in private medical care and provide a dedicated staff to meet the medical needs of their patients.

The Bangkok International Hospital has a vision to create a comfortable atmosphere for its numerous multi-cultural patients. The hospital is staffed with a large number of translators, speaking over thirty languages. Specialized care facilities including the Bangkok Heart Hospital, the Cancer Center, and the Neurology Center are all affiliated with Bangkok International. With a large emphasis on quality service and customer satisfaction its no wonder why Bangkok International Hospital has received awards and accreditations from the Medical Boards of in United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

The BNH Hospital was formerly the Bangkok Nursing Home and has been operating since the late 1890s. The hospital has a long history of assisting foreign patients and operates a number of medical departments such as the heart center, cancer center, general health and check up clinic, and the Laser Teeth Whitening Service Center. Cosmetic surgery options are becoming more and more available at the hospital and include gender reassignment.

Another of Thailands leading hospitals in caring for overseas patients is Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. Bumrungrad was one of the first hospitals in all of Asia to receive the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation. The hospital staff is dedicated to assist with the medical conditions of foreign patients and offers a wide variety of medical clinics specializing in different fields of medicine. Some of the available clinic options include neurology, nutrition, endocrinology, and nephrology. A well recognized cosmetic surgery center is available at Bumrungrad and offers packages in reconstructive surgery, hair transplants, skin treatments, LASIK eye surgery, and more. The costs of these packages are far less expensive than those found in the United States or throughout Europe.

Located in the Srinakarin area of Sirracha and Bangkok is the Samitivej Hospital. The hospital is made up of many branches that each offers a series of packages to overseas visitors. The wellness packages offered include physicals, blood cholesterol checks, liver function tests, CBC tests, and many more. Most of the doctors, nurses, and staff have received specialized education in caring for European and other foreign patients. The staff is culturally diverse and numerous translators are available.

As word continues to spread that excellent and specialized care is available in a wide variety of medical specialties, medical tourism will continue to thrive in Thailand. Visitors from all over the globe arrive in Thailand for their medical stay. Overseas patients have learned that the care they receive in Thailand will be of the upmost quality and cost effective to nearly any budget. Patients in need of medical procedures and cosmetic surgery options are continuing to find their solutions in this captivating land.

Traveling Between Thailand and Canada

Most people who want to spend their vacation in Fiji would want more than just lounging about in the sand, though Fiji’s beaches are probably the best white-sand beaches in the whole world. With this in mind, Fiji definitely can offer more. There are several places of interest in Fiji and if you are on one of those holiday packages or more specifically Fiji holiday packages then you should try to include these tourist spots in your itinerary.

Try visiting the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands to see some beautiful sights. These island groups are formed to look like the tail of a stingray and they’re the most frequented places in Fiji for their lush habitat and pristine waters. The coral reefs in the South Sea Edens and the crystal clear water there have been things of beauty for tourists and even movie producers as famous movies like the “Cast Away” and “Blue Lagoon” have used this location before.

If you’re up for more island hopping then you should include in your Fiji holiday packages a trip to Nadi and Denarau. These places in Fiji have long been associated with the phrase “living the life” and when you get here you’re bound to say the same thing. These two places have the best resorts in Fiji and they also offer the best diving spots in the world. Take a dive in one of their dive spots and you will see how beautiful the underwater scenery of Fiji is. Fiji has been referred to as the “soft coral capital of the world” and after taking a dive into the deep waters here you’ll agree to that testament with nary a hesitation. Also, Fiji opened their very first overwater bungalow, which is located in Malolo and this resort lets tourists view the wonderful marine life of Fiji.

When you’re done with that take a tour of the Yasawa Islands up north. This group of islands are volcanic islands and daily tours are provided for visitors who want to visit the islands for a day and sample the laid back atmosphere here. It rarely rains in the Yasawa Islands, which was a source of pain for most locals before when they were trying to grow crops here. But since Fiji’s main source of income is tourism these islands have become their most profitable tourist spot with so many visitors coming here to stay in budget-friendly resorts and enjoying the continuous sunshine. Also, way of life here is much more relaxed compared to the urban center of Fiji so tourists flock to this place when they really want to enjoy a serene atmosphere.

Best time to go to Fiji

The best time to come to Fiji is during its dry season or sometimes referred to as Fijian winter. The dry season of Fiji starts from May and ends in October. During these times, Fiji is much more comfortable with lesser rainfall but lower humidity. Also, during these times tropical cyclones are less likely to occur..

Canadian Medical System

People looking in from other countries admire and envy our Medicare system. Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side. Even though each Canadian citizen is entitled to be given medical attention does not always mean they receive it. There are not enough physicians to care for everyone; therefore many individuals can not obtain their own family doctor. The system is setup for the family doctor to examine, then if needed give a referral to a specialist. No family doctor, no referral, no specialist, and no treatment.

Just as a sidebar the Canadian medical system does not include dentistry, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and prescriptions are reduced only for the elderly. Therefore most Canadians must take out additional medical insurance.

Our emergency rooms happen to be a world of their own. The nurses and doctors are generally very nice, but under staffed with usually only one emergency doctor on duty for the whole ward. If you are there for what they consider not to be a life threatening illness, then be prepared to wait between four to six hours to be called in. At which time if you are lucky enough to get a room hang tough for anther thirty minutes to one hour to be seen. Many people are put on portable beds in the hallways waiting to be examined due to lack of space. Where is the dignity for someone in tremendous pain seen suffering by everyone?

I have heard of people with serious diseases requiring immediate treatment waiting months to receive it, and sometimes it is just too late. Our technology is also behind the times when it comes to updated equipment. If it was not for the generosity of wealthy residents many local hospitals would not have M.I.R. machines or other important machinery.

As a child I remember my parents purchasing medical insurance because there was no such system in place. Many Canadians today are resorting to paying private clinics to avoid further complications with their conditions.

I am from the old school thinking if you are going to do something then do it right, or not at all. Every Government who is elected promises to make changes to better the system, and so far none have really made any impact at all.

Canadians are good people, but in many ways we talk instead of act. It is our duty as citizens to insist our elected officials be responsible to fulfill their obligations. A huge part of that is insuring our well being, and providing our doctors and nurses with the resources to supply us with excellent care, or we can simply going back to a system with self insurance, guaranteeing our health needs will be met. If they eliminated our medical tax contribution would the difference in self insurance be so significantly higher?

Thailand Medical System

Thailand is widely considered as the global leader in medical tourism. This country takes medical tourism seriously. In fact the breast augmentation Thailand hospitals proudly host huge number of patients from different corners of the world. The hospital accommodations are excellent. Every year lot of woman visits Thailand for breast implants. The breast implants Thailand surgeons are certified and quite experienced in this work. One factor that plays a significant role in making Thailand a medical tourism is the cosmetic surgery loans. A loan for this matter will be provided to you even if you are not a permanent resident of Thailand. The cosmetic surgery in Thailand is quite not much expensive in fact it is quite cheaper than other countries. The majority of hospitals of Thailand offer facelift which offers a way to smooth facial lines as well as rejuvenate appearance of the face. The facelift Thailand hospitals are considered as best. Any hospital in Thailand that offer cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery probably offers facelift.

Generally the hospitals in Thailand offer several other treatments that are related with skin along with plastic or cosmetic surgery and one example of such a treatment is liposuction. It is defined as the process of removing extra fat from different parts of the body. Women often go for this treatment in order to maintain a perfect shape of their body.

People not only visit Thailand for getting surgical treatments at lower costs but there is another reason that why Thailand is preferred by them and that is an it makes their medical tour as holidays tour as well because along with treatment one can enjoy Thailand as a tourist spot as well and this is exactly what a lot of people did. The plastic surgery holidays are exactly what that most of patients that need plastic surgery likes. The plastic surgery Thailand hospitals are quite reasonable for a lot of people and they are famous for tummy tucking as well. The tummy tuck is a kind of cosmetic surgery that is used to make the abdomen firmer. The tummy tuck Thailand hospitals are huge in number and in the past few years they have crossed the number 350.